How BAIIA earns extra $66 on each return

Read about how BAIIA flipped their manual returns process into a revenue generator.

March 21, 2024

Fara Maruf

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Committed to making women feel beautiful inside and out, leading Australian swimwear label BAIIA was founded in 2016. Since its inception, the brand has championed merging fashion and sustainability. Not only are their products timeless, but they are both kind to the earth and inclusive to all women. 

The challenge: Manual and costly exchange workflow

Initially, BAIIA grappled with a partly manual exchange process via a different return provider, creating hurdles particularly when it came to reserving inventory for exchanges.

Now, partnering with PostCo, things have taken a positive turn.

"We've streamlined our returns process, and the best part? We can reserve our inventory for exchanges and it's accounted for in our warehouse. No more overselling. It's such a relief!”

BAIIA's Operations Team

BAIIA retained over 80% on their returns revenue

With the right workflow, exchanges are a great way to keep your customers happy during the returns process, making sure that they can still end up with the right piece in their hands. 

Understanding the importance of a perfect fit, BAIIA leveraged PostCo’s workflow to enhance their exchange process, allowing customers to easily find the right size or style by offering customers a 30-day return period.

By allowing their customers to browse the whole store catalogue during the exchange process, BAIIA is able to foster a seamless shopping experience within the portal. Today, exchanges and credits represent the majority of BAIIA’s returns across their Australia and global stores, ensuring that over 80% of returns revenue is recaptured within the business.

PostCo upsells additional $66 on each return 

Beyond exchanges, BAIIA has also tapped into PostCo’s upsell features, encouraging customers to consider higher-value items during the exchange process. This strategy has proven successful, with an impressive average upsell revenue of approximately $66 per return.

PostCo turns customer data into actionable insights

With products as specific as swimwear, narrowing down the reasons for return is no easy feat. 

The BAIIA team also found PostCo’s Questions & Insights feature to be a strategic move. With swimwear being as particular as it is, they’ve moved past generic return reasons, diving deep into the specific 'whys' that provide invaluable insights

BAIIA sheds light on this, “A lot of education goes towards the styling of our product, helping customers find their perfect fit amid our extensive range. When we notice a trend of late purchases or size issues, we realise it’s crucial to ramp up our educational content on finding the right fit.”

This isn't just data collection; it's about turning insights into action. The teams at BAIIA get this information in real-time, allowing them to swiftly identify trends or tackle issues. 

Delivering international support

Typically, swimwear brands would experience a spike or dip based on the season. For BAIIA however, sales tend to be at an all-year peak, serving both customers in Australia all the way to the West Coast. PostCo’s onboarding process for both Australian and US/international stores was a quick and easy process, with all setups completed within just 3 days

As a self-serving portal, customers, regardless of their time zones can manage in submitting requests without waiting for the business to get back to them leading to a more proactive and efficient return experience. 

At PostCo, we believe returns are an integral part of a brand’s journey, not a setback. BAIIA's exceptional handling of returns and impressive revenue retention speaks volumes about their dedication to enhancing the customer experience while making a splash in the sustainable swimwear arena.

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