Marketing, Intern

We're seeking an intern with a keen interest in marketing and startups.

About The Job

We're looking for a keen intern that understands (or desperately wants to learn about) startups.
At PostCo, we are so obsessed with making an impact to the region and developing talents along the way so we will do our best to help you in getting that experience during your internship period.

As an Intern, you will be given to work on impactful projects and get exposed to interesting things that stretch your development such as: participate in brain stimulating problem solving sessions, execute project in a fast pace environment, present to multiple stakeholders, and many more. You will work directly under the co-founders and will have direct impact on the organisational management and growth of the company.

We’re looking for someone to oversee the consumer marketing channel strategy and planning. You'll support PostCo marketing growth team to hit our regional customer acquisition and retention goals, optimizing at the regional, and market-level.

  • Develop new acquisition, engagement and retention programs (with our huge network of offline store partners and online stores) across all our markets
  • Organise local campaigns with our network of 3000+ local retail stores across the region
  • Analyze data and refine campaigns to increase customer acquisition and retention rate
  • Plan and maintain a comprehensive status schedule for ongoing regional marketing projects.
  • Gather local market research to help guide strategy discussions.
  • Provide ad hoc support to co-founders & business development team

Job Requirements

  • Creative and collaborative - you love working with a team and solving challenging problems
  • Wildly creative and always wanted to create innovative, newsworthy campaigns
  • Have a strong creative mind and attention detail
  • Fast learners who can learn and grow at an accelerated rate and can take on rapidly increasing responsibility
  • You are still pursuing a bachelor degree in university, fresh graduates are also welcomed to apply.
  • Passion to come out with newsworthy campaigns, creativity, and innovative thinking.
  • A hustler with a get-things-done mindset
  • Someone who is up for a challenging yet rewarding journey with an early-stage startup

**You must be someone with an insatiable curiosity who is always asking why. We love learning, and we expect that you will learn new things and teach us new things from different point of view.

Cultural Requirements

  • You crave responsibility and want to shape the vision and direction of the company
  • You lead through vision, and by example
  • You love winning and love the hard work required to win in a competitive space just as much
  • Servant Leader - you pride yourself on leading by example
  • You are an owner - driven, focused, and quick to take ownership of your work

The road ahead will not be easy. That’s why we’re looking for driven people to help us solve seemingly impossible problems at lightning speed. Those with  grit, who work hard, fast and smart. Those who don’t wait to implement good ideas, are comfortable with imperfection but determined to get 1% better every day.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia